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Learn about our new Laundry Treatments with Tide technology.
Specially Formulated for Specific
Stains and Odors.
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Specially Formulated for Specific Stains and Odors

Learn how single use laundry detertgents can help you.

How It Works

No Pre-Treat Needed
No Pre-Treat Needed

Throw your stained or smelly fabrics into a load with any other washable garments. Tide Treatments are gentle on all fabrics and safe on colors.

Replaces Normal Detergent
Replaces Normal Detergent

Pour both liquids into your drawer or straight into the machine drum for complete stain and odor removal.

Dual-Chamber Vial
Dual-Chamber Vial

Our dual-chamber chemistry activates on impact, and features our NEW enzyme packed detergent and our NEW specialty stain and odor targeter.


Mary, happy with results after using on sheets/blankets/couch covers, that still had faint pet odor
Five Star Review

“Normally, even after normal washing and drying of sheets/blankets/couch covers, there is still a faint pet odor. I was shocked when I took my items out of the dryer to find they were refreshed & smelled fantastic.”
- Mary Y
✦ verified user of Pet Odor Treatment

Dean, happy with results after using on large load of towels
Five Star Review

"I had a large load of towels sitting in the garage that are used with our dog to clean up and wipe off after playing in the yard. Had a pretty bad odor with it... It was pretty remarkable the difference in smell."
- Dean
✦ verified user of Mildew Towel Treatment

Courtney, happy with results after using on infants clothes that contained spit up
Five Star Review

“I used this product on my infants clothes that contained spit up, leaked urine and a onesie that suffered from a blowout. The clothes smelled great after just 1 wash and there were no remnants of bodily fluids! Highly recommend!"
- Courtney
✦ verified user of Urine Stain & Odor Treatment