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Urine Stain & Odor Treatment

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NEW Tide Urine Stain & Odor Treatment is specially formulated to remove urine stain and odor from washable fabrics.

  • Specially formulated for urine stains and odor
  • Removes urine stains and keeps them from re-depositing back onto your fabrics
  • Dual-chamber technology eliminates odors trapped deep down in the fibers that regular washing can’t remove, without the extra steps.
  • Safe on all washable fabrics, even your forgotten fabrics in the laundry hamper. Please always follow fabric care instructions found on the fabric label.
  • Bonus use! Even works great on cat and dog urine-stained garments.
  • Designed to work in both HE and regular washing machines in all settings. Hint for extra amazing results, use hot water as long as it is allowed based on care label.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tide Treatments are composed of two separate liquids. The first liquid is an enzyme-packed detergent (blue liquid) and the second is a new specialty stain and odor targeter (white liquid)

Tide Treatments:

  1. Are dual liquid products; one liquid is our new stain and odor targeting technology and the other liquid is our powerful liquid detergent
  2. Come in a pre-measured dosage, to ensure you get the right amount of active ingredients delivered to your laundry load

The NEW specialty stain and odor targeter is not compatible with detergent, therefore we use an unique canister that has a separator. Simply pour both liquids into the washer drum or toss the canister into the washer.

We can’t tell you how often you’ll get a stain or have a smelly fabric, but we do recommend using Tide Treatments whenever the stains and odors are noticed again or you have a new fabric with the problem.

Please use it as a replacement of your detergent and follow care label instructions for washing temperature.

Please follow usage instructions.

    1. Remove shrink label and cap  
    2. Pour all contents into the washer drum or toss the canister into the washer.
    3. Throw your stained or smelly fabrics in with other washable fabrics.

Do not put canister in dryer.

Yes, Treatments work great in cold water. However, for most effective results, we suggest using in hot water as long as it is allowed based on the care label on the garment(s) you are washing.

We recommend tossing the entire canister into the washer drum, after removing label and cap, to ensure the full amount is delivered to the laundry load. If you don’t want to toss the canister into the drum, we recommend pouring the entire contents into the drum instead of the drawer. Please remove the canister after washing before drying.

You can use Tide Treatments for any fabrics that you wash with regular detergent. Follow care label instructions. However, please avoid washing delicate clothes that require special handling including hand wash.

Tide Treatments are safe on virtually all washable garments under the intended use. Follow care label instructions.

Tide Treatments are safe on virtually all washable garments. Read and follow care label instructions. For any garments of concern, test inside seam for colorfastness. We recommend drying garments/towels as soon as washing is done. Keeping colored garments/ towels wet after wash occasionally causes dye-color bleeding for some fabric dyes, regardless of the Tide Treatments product.

Tide Treatments are lightly scented in Tide Original detergent scent - revitalizing scent infused with aloe and floral notes that consumers love! If you are interested in any other scents, please let us know!

The odor eliminating agent formulated in Tide Treatments can break down not only the bad odor molecules, but also any perfume molecules in the scent beads. If you want to add scents, we recommend using Downy liquid fabric softener or Bounce dryer sheets with Tide Treatments.

Yes, this Treatment this works great on white wine stains and cooking wine stains.

Yes you can use on your comforter and other heavy fabrics, but please use the machine cycle intended for “bulky fabrics” and do not overload your machine.

1 Review

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    Infant Clothes Smelled Great!

    Posted by Courtney on Jan 1st 2020

    I used this product on my infants clothes that contained spit up, leaked urine and a onesie that suffered from a blowout. The clothes smelled great after just 1 wash and there were no remnants of bodily fluids! Highly recommend!